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The Captain Meets His Niece And Nephew

I met my niece and nephew for the first time today and it was so exciting!  I took the day off work to visit my sister in the hospital.  I brought along a cookie bouquet to make the day as special as possible.


Cookie bouquet


Harlan and Christina were both born premature, but were still big enough that they didn’t have to go to the ICU.  So I was actually able to see them and touch their tiny little hands.  And of course I had to pose with each of them for babies’ first selfie!


Baby selfie 1 Baby selfie 2


It was amazing to see them up close, and I can’t wait till I can hold them in my arms.  But that will have to wait, as they won’t be able to come home for a couple of weeks.  So until then please join me in wishing Harlan and Christina into the family.



The Captain

The Captain Becomes An Uncle

It’s time for me to brush up on my wet willies and purple nurples, because I’m officially an Uncle to twins!


double trouble


My sister gave birth today at 10am this morning to two tiny little babies.  Harlan came first at 3.3 pounds and was followed a minute later by Christina at 3.7 pounds.  It’s #2ForTuesday for real!  As you might guess, they were born several weeks ahead of time and will need to spend a few weeks in the hospital before they can come home.  I’m taking off work tomorrow to go meet the pair; I can’t wait to see them in person so I can decide which one is the evil twin.


evil twin


I’ll have plenty more about the twins tomorrow when I visit them for the first time in the hospital.  But for today please join me on wishing Harlan and Christina a happy day of birth!




The Captain

The Captain Helps Out A Brooklynite

A week ago today a friend of mine’s condo in Brooklyn caught fire.


Brooklyn Fire


Eric owned a fifth story walk-up; it was completely gutted by the fire.


Brooklyn Gutted


It was a tragic turn of events and I am very sad for him.  I had a chance to see the condo last summer during my #EastCoastTrip when I was visiting his brother Scotty.  Here’s a picture I took in the condo of Eric’s wonderfully stubborn bulldog.


bill the bulldog


Luckily Bill the bulldog was able to escape from the blaze, but some of his other pets were not so lucky.  Eric’s friends set up a Go Fund Me account to help him out during this difficult time.  Here’s is a link to the site:


I would encourage everyone to donate to this worthy cause.  Eric is a great guy who is living a nightmare.  Here’s hoping his fortunes improve.



The Captain

The Captain Screams for Starscream

Today is my friend TJ’s birthday, and a great opportunity to post a picture from a few weeks ago.  I think I remember texting her a while ago that I would put this picture up, but at this point it has been at least 2 weeks.  So that’s long enough to call it #WaybackWednesday right?  Either way, here’s the picture.




This is TJ and Grellner at Dave & Buster’s killing zombies with a machine gun.  They were in StL from NYC for a week in June and we hung out for a few nites.  Those two are always a good time, especially when they turn air hockey into a contact sport.

Now I realize that posting this picture on her Faceplace wall is pretty lame as far as birthday gifts go, which is why I doubled down and posted this picture too.




Oh Starscream, you’re an adorable mess!



The Captain

The Captains Cheers On Ze Germans

I could usually give a shit about soccer, but damn if I don’t enjoy watching Deutschland’s Futbol Team dominating at the World Cup 2014!



Watching the Germans embarrass Brazil at home 7-1 was so enjoyable, both for the images of crying fans and for the flood of jokes on Twitter during the game.  Here were my two lame attempts.


World Cup German Tweets


Not to brag, but both of my Tweets were Favorited once.  I guess you could say I’m pretty much blowing up online with my soccer fandom.   The Finals on Sunday are going to be sweet, Go Germany!



The Captain






The Captain

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