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The Captain Tries To Listen Through All Of The Noise

This past weekend was so loud!  So much noise and so much anger and so much ignorance!  And now almost every corner of the internet has been splashed with the Ferguson Fury.  The voices online are so loud and so often misinformed.  Suddenly everyone thinks they are an expert in North County.  But in reality


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I’ve been studying St. Louis politics and government for a decade now.  I started a Masters program in Public Policy ten years ago this month, and in the ten years since I have learned a massive quantity of information about the way St. Louis County operates.  And with that being said, I still learn something new about St. Louis County everyday.  I still feel I have a lot to learn about my community after studying it for a decade and living here for over three decades.

Granted, I have lots of opinions about what has gone on in Ferguson over the last ten days.  But right now the last thing St. Louis needs is more voices adding to the noise.  This community needs more people listening to what people in Ferguson have to say.  So that’s what I am going to do, keep my opinions to myself.  I want to concentrate on listening to the right voices at such a critical time.  Hearing the key voices from Ferguson has helped me to really remember what is important in life.  And I’m really set to listen in hard.



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