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The Captains Tuesday Nite Heckle Club – Class Of 1996 Edition

With a city packed full of angry folks it was a good week to head to a place where everyone can let of some steam.  What better place than the ballpark with the Tuesday Nite Heckle Club!  This month I decided to put in some effort into planning an appropriate heckling crew.  It paid off as I was able to pull together an all North County group of guys.  And not just any NoCo guys, but the best type:  Hazelwood West Class of 1996 guys!


Tuesday Nite Heckle Crew 1996


Through the magic of Twitter and $6 tickets I was able to get a hold of a pretty impressive crew of guys I graduated with from high school.  From left to right after me we have @dakOdin and @Klause222 and @ToddBlalock1 and finally @marcps fresh from his return to St. Louis from New York.  I also brought heckling crew MVP Deputy Tim.  He was Class of 1998, but close enough.

The game was a real strange one.  Late in the game the Cardinals were down 4-2 despite outhitting the Reds 10-4.  This was due to the three fielding errors and a lot missed opportunities on the bases for the Cardinals.  Out in right field my heckling crew was hooting and hollering at Reds right Fielder Jay Bruce, but to no avail.  The Cards managed to tie the game in the 8th, which set up a showdown in the bottom of the 9th.  Right away the Cardinals managed to load the bases with no one out and chase the Red’s pitcher.  A new Red’s pitcher came in to face Cardinals hitter Jon Jay.  The crowd got super loud while the pitcher warmed up on the mound and came to a crescendo anticipating the showdown.  And on the first pitch the ball went inside and hit Jon Jay on the leg.  The Reds walked in the winning run!?   The stadium went quiet for ten seconds as everyone shrugged a bit and then decided to cheer again.  A win is a win, dammit!  Even when the win is ridiculously anti-climactic.  We still left the stadium happy.




Luckily for me that wasn’t the end of my nite.  I agreed to drop @marcps at home up in Florissant, which turned out to be a great opportunity to show NoCo a little love.  We stopped for a late nite snack at our hold stomping grounds, the Denny’s by the old McDonell Douglas campus.  Nothing like a chicken fried steak after midnite.


Marc Dennys


It was great to be back in Florissant, even for only an hour.  And it was great to hang out with so many great guys from Hazelwood West, if only for an evening.  And most of all it was great to be reminded again that North County is still great place.





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