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The Captains New Respect For Twitter

With so much happening lately I’ve beenĀ  ingesting a large amount of news. But for the first time I’ve obtained a significant portion of my news from Twitter. I would estimate about 40% of the information I’ve gathered on the unrest in Ferguson came via Twitter. Nowadays news really does break on Twitter first. Plus Twitter provides a diversity of opinions that has largely been absent from the television coverage I’ve seen. Of course, it is difficult to drown out all of the noise and false information that is a part of Twitter. But I’ve gotten better at cutting through the nonsense thanks to @OpFerguson


The @OpFerguson Twitter feed is the real deal. Through constant updates and re-tweets I’ve heard a chorus of voices directly from the streets of Ferguson. And the strongest voices have really shined through much of the darkness surrounding the last two weeks. I really ate up this large helping of information and relevance, especially after the wasteland that was Facebook’s reactions to the event. This was pretty much everyone who posted on my Facebook feed last week.




Twitter really elevated the conversation in my opinion, and I respect what the platform is capable of now. I was on Twitter so much lately that I used it to recruit the majority of the guys that came with me to Tuesday Nite Heckle Club. For the first time, I have personally witnessed new media being just as relevant as traditional media. My eyes and ears are open like never before!




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