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The Captains Ice Bucket Challenge

I’ve been consuming a ton news over the past few weeks, so of course I’ve been flooded with videos of the Ice Bucket Challenge. And that is a good thing in my book. With all of the racial tension locally and ongoing conflicts oversees, I need something to cool off all of this heat.




Granted, most of the videos I’ve seen are not well thought out or well photographed. Apparently my friends and family have never used a video camera before this month. But some have been wonderful. My current favorite is former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan dousing his wife Andrea Mitchell.



And I’ll watch any video where George W. Bush gets some payback.



Am I the only one who thinks the former President missed a big opportunity? If he would have auctioned off the rights to do the bucket pouring he could have made some serious bucks for charity.

The challenge seems like harmless fun to me and it’s raising some serious money for a great cause, ALS research. But I will not be participating in the challenge. As Meg always says, there are lots of worthwhile causes that need support. And if everyone is donating to the same cause, then there will not be enough left for other worthwhile organizations.

Tonite I supported a local organization that I have championed for years, the St. Louis Arc. You can learn more about this wonderful local nonprofit here. I spent my evening volunteering at a fundraiser for the St. Louis Arc. It was my sixth year volunteering to deal cards at their annual poker fundraiser. This year I even talked my buddy @daverosemann into volunteering!


ARC Poker


It was a fun nite for a great cause. Hopefully everyone can give some spare time or money to support a cause. Giving back is good for the soul.





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