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The Captain Is About To Be Sick Dammit

I somehow managed to pick up a head cold today.  Tis the season, I guess.  If you need me I’ll be on the couch with Desmond


All Day Today



The Captain

The Captains Niece and Nephew Are Dancing Machines

Besides the glory that was Cabin Fever, I also got to spend a little time with my favorite little ones on Saturday.  Here’s some video my mom shot of them doing some floor dancing to The Jungle Book and Technotronic.





The Captain

The Captain Hates The Cheaties

I’ve hated the New England Patriots ever since they cheated the St. Louis Rams out of a Super Bowl Championship back in 2002.  So of course I’m loving the massive scrutiny aimed at them from Deflategate.  Cheaters gonna cheat!





The Captain

The Captain Barely Recognizes Northwest Plaza

I drove by Northwest Plaza today at lunch, and I barely recognize the joint.

Northwest Crossing 2


Northwest Crossing 1


I’m glad to see the place being redeveloped, and I’m very interested to check out the final product.




The Captain

The Captain Loves Cabin Fever

This past Saturday was about as good as it gets for St. Louis in January.  The weather was sunny and 60° and I scored two free tickets to Cabin Fever Beer Festival at Schlafly Bottleworks!


Cabin Fever Tickets



Big thanks to Beer_Dork for the free tickets!  For those unfamiliar, Cabin Fever is basically one big tent full of beer in the parking lot of Schlafly Bottleworks in Maplewood.


Cabin Fever 1


18 different beers taps are available for sampling in two ounce pours; lots of reliable standbys like Pale Ale and Hefeweizen and all sorts of interesting specialty beers with remarkably high ABV levels.  It’s heaven for a beer lover like me, and the weather made it feel extra heavenly.  Dan Krause took my other ticket for the event, and we were surrounded by some of my favorite beer lovers from across the city. The Waiting Room Beer League folks made a strong showing


Beer League


Along with their designated driver for the day, IAmTylerHarris, pictured here with a sweet-ass portrait he commissioned of himself.


Tyler on Tyler


I ran into renowned beer aficionado Richard whom I know from Twitter but had never actually met in person until Saturday


Beer Twitter


And I ran into a gang of beer lovers I know from North County.  Here’s a picture I nabbed from the Riverfront Times Street Team of some of the NoCo crew including Todd Blalock,  Dan Krause and Christy Oberlin


Cabin Fever


Couldn’t ask for a better Saturday in January!  Thanks again to Beer_Dork for the tickets!



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