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The Captains And The #LadiesWhoLunch Trend

Last year I was presented with a unique question:  What do I do with my best drinking buddy when he decides to go sober?  It was a question I had to answer when man DJ gave up booze in last fall.  My eventual answer to the hanging out question was “I dunno, you wanna go grab lunch?”  It seemed like as good an idea as any, especially since DJ moved to Clayton by my office.  So we started going to lunch every Friday to some of the numerous great restaurants around Clayton and University City.

My sister started calling us Ladies Who Lunch.  Here is her definition, via the Facebook comment she originally left:

I don’t know…..going to posh Clayton eateries during M-F lunch hours, ordering foodie entrees and taking pictures of each other….Survey says- Ladies who lunch. Love it.”

I thought it was funny and a little too spot on, so I looked up the hastag and our borrowed new trend was born.  Since October DJ and I have been all over this little area.  We checked out some fancy places in Clayton like Rearn Thai




5 Star Burger


5 Star DJ


And had a 4 course lunch at I Fratellini


4 course


We also hit up the new Delmar Loop restaurants like Peacock Loop Diner




And Salt + Smoke Barbecue with special guest General Mendoza.


Salt Smoke


We also visited some favorites in University City like Mi Ranchito


Mi Xmas


Bobo Noodlehouse




And of course $2 tacos at Flaco’s Cocina




And my sister actually joined us for a few #LadiesWhoLunch outings, including Blueberry Hill


Bluberry Winter


And π Pizza


Pi Balls Pi on Pi Xmas Pi


The first couple of months were a blast and I see this trend picking up steam in 2015.   Check back tomorrow for a new restaurant and a new member!


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