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The Captains New Seoul

Today was the first #LadiesWhoLunch of 2015!  This week we checked out a new spot with a new member of the crew.  Finally eating at the new Seoul Taco in the Delmar Loop has been a long time coming.  Their brand of Korean fusion food has amassed quite a following in St. Louis over the past few years, despite not having an actual restaurant.  What started out as a food truck moved up to a lunch counter last year, and in December Seoul Taco finally graduated into an actual restaurant.  It was worth the wait.  The new spot is underneath the Club Fitness on Delmar and is full of kooky pop-Korean decorations, along with a whole wall of painted boom-boxes.


Boom Box


And even longer in the making was grabbing lunch with Stevie Q.  18 years ago Stevie Q was my roommate my first semester of college.  In the years since we lost touch for all of the typical reasons that people used to before social media.  But thanks to the magic of FacePlace I saw that Stevie Q just moved back to St. Louis, and right off the Delmar Loop.  In other words, perfect for #LadiesWhoLunch

Stevie Q and I went with the spicy pork quesadilla, and my man D loaded up on spicy Korean tacos.


Seoul Tacos


And we spent the better part of an hour cracking jokes about all of the people we used to know from our Hazelwood West.  Just three school girls giggling around a restaurant booth.


Seoul Group


Already a great start to what looks to be one hell of a 2015!




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