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The Captains 5 For The Rams 15

15 years ago today the St. Louis Rams won the Super Bowl. I watched the game on the giant screen at the brand new Missouri State Student Union with @JeffSackman and @WilliamPepple and about 100 other students. It was amazing.


Kevin Dyson #87


15 years later and the Rams have sunk about as low as possible. It’s been 11 seasons since the team had a winning record. The current owner seems determined to alienate the fan base so he can move the team to Los Angeles. Things look pretty bleak for football in St. Louis. But I refuse to get down on this team. So here’s a quick pick me up to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the St. Louis winning the Super Bowl.


Top 5 Current Good Things About The St. Louis Rams


1. Last season was a lot of fun to watch

As I mentioned in a previous post, 2014 Rams were exciting to watch despite their losing record


2. The new stadium proposal looks pretty sweet

A riverfront, open-air stadium would be awesome!


Stadium Proposal


And it would do wonders for that section of downtown. The proposed site is currently a bunch of burnt down and abandon warehouses, and also where I tailgate before home games. I would happily trade the tailgate parking lot for a stadium parking lot!


3. The rest of the nation is finally mad at the New England Patriots for cheating

Watching the Rams lose to the 2001 Patriots was depressing. Finding out later that the Patriots cheated to win was infuriating. Watching most of the rest of the nation shrug off Spygate was baffling. Being two days away from the Patriots legacy being forever tarnished is thrilling!




It almost makes up for getting cheated out of the Super Bowl win. Almost…


4. Everyone now knows Stan Kroenke is shady

The fans have known that Stan was shady for awhile, but now it is common knowledge.


Stan Diary


If St. Louis wants to stop him from stealing their team then it’s time to put up a fight!


5. St. Louis Rams gear is super cheap now!

Today I purchased a Kurt Warner Rams jersey at Marshalls on clearance for $15.


Warner Jersey






I’ve wanted a Warner jersey for years, but didn’t want to plunk down big bucks to buy one. When most folks abandon the team, it just leaves more to spread around for the real fans! $15 on the 15th anniversary is a fitting tribute in my book!





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