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The Captains Button Game Is Strong

It was 75° today!  In March!  The hottest day of the year so far was a perfect justification for a business lunch.  I ended up checking out the new Gamlin Whiskey House in the Central West End.  It was a great day to sit out in the sun and enjoy a BLT.


BLT Whiskey


But I was in the neighborhood for more than just the lovely weather.  Namely, I wanted to introduce my buddies Alex and Jeff to Tyler Harris.  That’s Tyler Harris of my longtime friend and an early pic for MVP of 2015.  Tyler Harris is about as entertaining as one man can be, which I saw this weekend firsthand at The Cocktail Party.  Tyler and his crew threw another epic Cocktail Party on Saturday nite, a suit and tie affair that’s equal parts swanky & goofy.  Pictures will probably surface at some point in the near future.  I only managed to take one photo, of the fully stocked bar cabinet.




Of course I went for the Wild Turkey.  But I digress; back to lunch.

Tyler has a new design company, With These Glasses, that is looking to grow.  I figured I should introduce him to some of my contacts, as Tyler is a hell of an artist in my opinion.  So much of an artist that I notice at lunch that he’s wearing this button.


2 Things


Tyler Harris is the undisputed button-maker champ.  Terribly clever little art measuring 1½”.  This particular button is a modified rhyme from a recent Run The Jewels track, which just so happens to be my favorite song at the moment.



I recognized the lyrics right away and mentioned my love for “Oh My Darling(Don’t Cry)”.  I then remarked that Tyler should make a button with the funniest rhyme from the song, which happens to follow the line on his button.

I fuck and rap

I tote the strap

I smoke the kush

I beat the puss

I read the books

Did the math

Don’t need a preacher preachin’ on my behalf

I recited the lyrics quickly, which caused Alex and Jeff laugh.  As I’m spitting my white boy rap, Tyler casually reaches into his pocket and pulls out this


Smoke Beat


Daaaaaaaamn dude, Tyler’s button game is strong!  Oh My!




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