The Captains Got Five Years

“We’ve got five years, stuck on my eyes
Five years, what a surprise
We’ve got five years, my brain hurts a lot
Five years, that’s all we’ve got”

– David Bowie

In my early twenties David Bowie was pretty much in constant rotation on my stereo.  Back then my favorite song of his was Five Years.1

There are numerous things to love about the song:  the rhythmic chimes, the throng of background singers, the slow-built crescendo to the ending chorus.  But more than anything I remember the lyrics having a profound effect on me.  In retrospect, this seems rather strange considering that the lyrics are mostly nonsensical.

Still, there was just something about the way Bowie kept screaming “Five Years!” for the last two minutes of the song that I found captivating.  Back then five years seemed like such a long time.  It was hard for me to contemplate anything in my life lasting for five whole years.

Well, as of today five years is officially not long at all.  In fact five years can breeze by rather quickly.

If it is not already apparent, something rather significant happened five years ago today.  It was April 22nd, 2004 when I went on my first official date with Megan.

Even as I type it, I still can’t quite believe I’ve been together with Megan for five years!  That’s considerably longer than just about anything I’ve ever done, yet it feels so short comparatively.

It was just over five years ago when I first heard that Megan had moved back from NYC.  And not only was she back in town, she was inexplicably single!  It seemed too good to be true at first.  No one in New York managed to lockdown my high school crush?!?


Wasting no time, I threatened my old friend Josh for several days until he provided me with her in-town phone number.  It turned out it was her parents’ number, which required me leaving an awkward message with her father.  I felt fifteen again.  “Well sir, aahheemm, could you have her call me…”

We eventually decided to meet up at the Delmar Loop.  Even though I don’t drink coffee, I wanted to seem cool so I had her meet me at Meshuggah’s coffee.  I arrived early and pretended to drink a cup while waiting for her to arrive.

At that point, it had been roughly five years since I had last seen Meg.  This left me ill-prepared to meet the gorgeous woman who walked in the door.

For the next few hours, I tried to seem cool while bumbling through conversation.  Eventually I managed to trick her into going out on a date with me.  While it may have been a little underhanded, it worked like a charm.

First, I casually asked her if she would like to grab dinner later on in the week.  She agreed, and I moved on to another conversation.  Later, I was talking to her about an old friend and I managed to slip in “Man, DJ is never gonna believe that I’m going out on a date with Megan.”  She didn’t renounce my statement, so it was officially a date.  Sneaky!

I picked her up for our first date at her parent’s house on a stormy evening five years ago.  After stopping by Drunken Fish and ordering the largest cocktail on the menu, we went to dinner at the best Italian restaurant in St. Louis, Trattoria Marcella.

And now, five years later Megs and I are headed back to the same restaurant for dinner this evening.  In between these two dinners, we’ve managed to fall in love, move to Florida, get married, and move back to St. Louis.

These past five years have been the happiest and most prosperous period of my entire life.  There are countless wonderful things I want to say about my lovely wife.  But I am actually planning on telling her in person later this evening, so it looks like you the reader will just have to take my word on it.  Suffice to say, Megan is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

So yeah, five years always sounded like a really long time until today.  Now it just seems like a piece of something much larger.  Five years, that’s not all we got; it’s just the beginning…


The Captain

1  Besides Changes, of course.  Still one of my all-time favorite songs, and my go to selection when I’m tipsy enough to contemplate singing karaoke.

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