The Captain Rounds Out April

Damn, it’s May already!  April was a busy month, but early indicators suggest that May will be even busier.  Accordingly, I want to close out April with some quick shout outs to all of the great things that happened.

First up, babies!  Two good friends were greeted with little bundles of joy last month and congratulations are in order.  My old friend and editor extraordinaire Marc welcomed his first child, Henry, into his new home in Queens.  Marc and his wife Jenny are both terribly talented individuals and I’m sure Henry will have quite a prosperous life ahead of him.

Slightly closer to home1, Megan’s friend Kim gave birth to Kenley a few weeks ago.  This is the first of Meg’s friends to have a child, so it has been quite exciting.  Now that our wedding seasons are starting to slow down, we are anticipating a rapid increase in baby season for the next couple of years.  It’s like there is some kind of pattern…

Speaking of weddings, Meg and I attended a reception this weekend for my old college buddy Jon.  He went the civil service marriage route with his longtime girlfriend back in February, and had a small reception on Saturday nite to celebrate the occasion.  They played quite the hosts and I am happy that Jon finally made an honest woman out of Emily.

I found out that they first started dating back in (gasp) eight grade!  They’ve taken a couple of breaks since then, but that’s still a long friggin time.

In other milestones, my nephew Ben turned four this week.  Damn he’s getting big.  I got to pick out his birthday gift this year so of course I went with the meanest looking toy I could find, a Juggernaut action figure.  Check out this great reaction shot of him opening the package.

He was either thrilled with the gift or scared of how much ass Juggernaut is about to kick.  Either way, a job well done if I do say so myself.

And speaking of kicking ass, how about my 13th row tickets to the Flight of the Conchords last week at the Fox Theater!  What a great show, Jemaine and Bret are the best!

I was a little worried before the show that their 2009 tour would be not as great as I imagined, but the worry quickly evaporated when they came out in their robot costumes and kicked off the show with Too Many Dicks On The Dance Floor.

They played a good mix of songs from both seasons and a couple of new songs, and ended on a high note with Business Time and The Distant Future.  Even thought the Fox was packed to the walls with hipsters, Meg and I had a blast.   What can I say, we’re white people and we’re required to like musical comedy .

Alright, just a couple more shout outs for April and then I’m done.  First, the album of the month was definitely Swoon by Silversun Pickups.  Their first album was my favorite album of 2007, and this one is already a strong favorite for 2009’s album of the year.  So many good songs here, but surprisingly the first track, There’s No Secrets This Year, is my favorite.  Everyone reading this should check it out.

Second, damn if Lost didn’t totally dominate April.2

It seems impossible to keep ratcheting up the action, but every week they managed another humdinger.  And even though I’m not happy they killed Faraday last week, it was still a great episode.

Finally, how about them Cardinals!  The finished April ten games above .500 and with the best record in the Major Leagues.  Even though Chris Carpenter landed on the DL for a bit, it was still one hell of a month for the birds on the bat.  Keep up the good work boys!


The Captain

1  Kim and her husband Jay live in O’Fallon, which for all intensive purposes may as well be in a different time zone.

2  Even though they did one of those crappy clip recap shows.  Do I really need a reminder that Sun is married to Jin, or that Hurley won the lottery?  I got it, thanks.

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