The Captain Sends His Sympathy To Everyone Affected By This Tragedy

Today was a bad day for many people that I know.  I was reminded of just how far downtown St. Louis still has to go.

I’ve been walking to Union Station to catch the Metrolink every morning for the past five months.  I’m so used to the walk by now that I notice any small changes in my surroundings almost immediately.  This morning I noticed yellow police tape around the entrance to the bar across the street from Union Station, Maggie O’Brien’s.  I figured that someone probably broke in and stole a flat-screen TV, which is now a common occurrence downtown.

When I got to work, I checked the Post-Dispatch website to see what had happened.  The Post didn’t have many details, but it indicated that there was a robbery and that an employee had been shot.  The eventual details that followed were tragic.

The bartender that was shot was close to several people in my sister’s circle of friends.  Dolan was the main bartender up at one of my favorite downtown bars, Jack Patrick’s.  He died at the hospital early this morning.

Another bartender from JP’s, Brett, was also working last nite and was attacked by the robbers.  He relayed the tragic details of the nite to my sister.  It’s too gut-wrenching to write about, but you can read the police account here if you’re interested.

My sister’s whole group of friends is in a state of shock tonite.  I didn’t know Dolan, but I know he was well liked by everyone that knew him.  My thoughts go out to everyone affected by this senseless tragedy.

I really just can’t believe that something this terrible happened at Maggie O’Brien’s.  It’s only three blocks from where I live; I walk by it ten times a week; it’s where my mom met her second husband for chrissake.  Why would someone rob Maggie O’Brien’s, dammit?!?

It’s a tragic reminder that downtown St. Louis still has serious problems and a long way to go towards fixing them.


The Captain

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