The Captain Is Up And Running

After a discombobulating week that saw me all over Clayton trying to keep up with work, I happily returned to my office yesterday.  The fire in the boiler room at my office left my building without power for a solid week.  This forced me to stay very mobile during the workweek which proved to be rather challenging.1

I don’t think I’ve ever been happier while heading into the office than I was yesterday morning.  I love my office!  Stability at last!

Yesterday I also ran a couple of miles for the first time in over a month.  My numerous trips to the Chiropractor managed to clear me of all my lower back pain and I’m cleared to start exercising again.  And just in time; I was really starting to dread the notion that sloth was creeping over me.

I’ve gotten lots of great feedback about the old school pictures that I started uploading last week.  Don’t worry the best are yet to come, including my infamous mullet-truckers-license picture.

Coincidently, Saturday turned into somewhat of an old school SMS reunion.  An old college buddy that I hadn’t seen in years, Lt. Dan, turned 30 on Saturday and a couple of the guys decided to throw him a little shindig at his place.  Hippie Dave and Crazy Andy made the trip out, as well as my old roommate Bryan.  It was a regular Suite D’s quad jam!

I brought with me the two things guaranteed to turn a party rowdy:  A keg of beer

And a bullhorn!

Keg beer and a bullhorn make for a loud evening; it was like turning my mouth into a loaded gun.  As a bonus it turned out that Lt. Dan lives right next to a public park with a softball field so I was able to heckle the players from the comfort of his backyard deck.  Being an asshole has never been lazier! I’m hoping to hang out with Lt. Dan more in the future, but it will probably have to wait until I move to Chesterfield since he lives West Bumblefuck, Missouri.2 Now that I’m back on a regular schedule I’m hoping to find more time for writing, so hopefully I’ll be posting regularly for the rest of the month.  Before I go, let me wish Lt. Dan a Happy 30th one more time.

I feel the same way too, soldier.


The Captain

1  To be fair, I did get to work from home on Friday which was super-killer-sweet.  Pants free workdays are the BEST! 2  i.e. Wentzville

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