The Captain Is Building A Home

Who likes photo blogs?  I do!

My second photo blog in a row features a subject that I personally find way more exciting that a grocery store – my new home!  As I’ve mentioned before, Megan and I are building a home out by Creve Coeur Park in St. Louis County.  When finished, we’ll be living in a villa that is spilt into two homes.

We spent a better part of the first half of 2009 making plans and signing papers to purchase our house.  When we began this process, all we had was a floor plan and a portion of an empty field to help us visualize our home

After months of visiting the empty field our builder began construction on our home around the beginning of July.  We’ve been stopping by weekly to check on the progress of the construction and to keep a photo log of the developments.  Several people have asked me to post the photos, and what better place to post than here at Captain’s Quarters!

Let’s Build A Home – Part Eins

First the builder raised the ground and leveled it

And dug a big-ass hole in the ground.

and built up from the basement

By August the floor was down

and the basement was finished.

After this point time seemed to fly by.  In about a week’s time it finally began to look like someplace we could inhabit.

Our home is the villa on the right in the picture, which was taken from the front of the building.  From the back

you can see the roof and the windows, with ours being on the left.

Inside, it’s mostly wooden beams at this point.  This pic was taken looking in from where the garage will be

To the right is the living room and kitchen area.  Here is  a closer shot of this area

For some reason, they decided to store one of our bathtubs in the living room for a couple of weeks.

Over the past week they have added the stairs down to the basement

And put more beams up for the rooms in the basement.

In the past couple of days they installed all of the wires, plumbing, and windows.  This was the last step needed before they start putting up dry wall.  We are actually meeting with the head builder, Bob, tomorrow morning to review everything.  Once we sign off on the progress, the dry wall will go up and the building will really start to look like our new home.

I’ll be taking plenty more pics as that construction continues, which will lead to at least a couple more photo blogs.  I’ll end this blog with the first pic we took:  the Captain standing in his future living room.


The Captain

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