The Captain Hits The Jersey Shore

It took me almost four days, but I finally made it to the Jersey shore.  Fist Pumps!!!

Actually, there was very little fist pumping or GTL.  I originally intended on hitting the boardwalk and a club or two, but when I got to the shore the Captain in me took control.  Besides the cruise last year, it’s been 2½ years since I’ve been on a boat.  My dad has a super cool boat that was just too rad to pass up.  Check it out:

Sunday nite I drank a bunch of beers on the boat with my uncle Dave

And we walked across the street from the dock to drink some more at the beach.

The weather was a perfect 70 degrees at midnite, and in the dark the Jersey beaches look just like the ones in Florida.  And as a bonus, I got to sleep in the cabin of the boat!  It was a very relaxing nite.

The next day the whole family came down to check out my father’s new boat for Memorial Day.  We even got my Nana on the boat.  Well, almost.  The dock is close enough.

After a brief storm in the afternoon we even found a chance to take the boat out for a spin

It was a nautical kind of Memorial Day.  Even though I didn’t manage to get out to see much of the Jersey shore, I still saw plenty of the locals.  It seemed every other boat that passed by was full of Guidos like this one.

And while I didn’t get a chance to see any fist pumping, listen to any house music or get a wicked blowout, I have no regrets.  I’ll take this view every time.

And that’s how my vacation ended, on a boat.  But then again, who would expect anything less?  After all, this is Captain Quarters.


The Captain

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