The Captain Is Building A Home Part Zwei

It’s been a little over a month since I posted my first house pic blog .  In September our house went from just framing to an actual building.  With a little under a month left until our house is completed, it seems like a great time for a photo blog update.

And here’s an action shot of the drywall going up in the basement.

While the drywall was going up, all of the outside wall work was also being completed.  All of the siding and brick work was finished by the time we returned from Florida.

And the driveway and entrance steps were also poured while we were gone.1

A couple of days after we were back, the drywall was finished.

Next up was laying the flooring.  Here’s the hardwood in the kitchen going down.

Around this time, we noticed our garage was suddenly filled wall to wall with boxes.

All of our cabinets, doors, counters, sinks and more2 lived in our garage for a couple of weeks while they were slowly installed throughout our home.

The cabinetry in the kitchen went up pretty quick, and the appliances followed in suit.

The stove and microwave are in but I am still waiting on my personal favorite, the dishwasher.

And speaking of appliances, we already bought our refrigerator, washer and dryer.  We found a great deal over Labor Day weekend and snapped them up quick.  Unfortunately, we weren’t able to talk the store into waiting to deliver our three appliances, so they are currently hanging out in my mother’s garage.

This past week, the builders were busy installing trim on all the walls and fixtures all over.  The most exciting change was the electricians making their first appearance.  The lights went up in all the rooms!  Here’s the master bathroom taking shape.

Here’s the kitchen and dining room finally starting to look inhabitable.

And that’s where the house stands as of this weekend.  The really exciting stuff is due soon, with the plumbing and painting scheduled for this week.  Very soon our house will actually start to look like a home.  Only 23 more days!!!


The Captain

1  Which is a good thing, because I totally would have written something juvenile in the concrete like “Property of The Captain” if I was around while it was drying.

2  I am happy to report that most of these items were supplied by Huttig Building Products , a local company that where my Aunt Jackie has worked for a number of years.  I actually temped at Hutting for a month after graduating college when I couldn’t find a job and I’m glad we was able to spend our money somewhere that lent me a hand years ago.

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