The Captains Deuces Are Mild

Today is so important that it has not one, but two milestones.  It’s twofer Tuesday here at the Quarters!  On October 13 we are celebrating both two years and two weeks.

First, today is officially two weeks until Meg and I close on our new house!  We went for our weekly construction update this weekend and we found several reasons to be excited.  The dishwasher is installed and it’s super rad.  The first layer of paint is on the walls and the carpeting is sitting in the living room ready to install.

We have a ton of work to do before our end of the month move, but every time we see the progress on our home it all seems worth it.

Today is also, and more importantly, our two-year wedding anniversary!

Meg and I had a pre-celebration for our anniversary on Saturday.  We decided to take advantage of living downtown while we can, so we took the train to Forest Park for a picnic on Art Hill.1

Saturday had a gorgeous autumn afternoon, perfect for a couple of bottles of wine and lots of laughs.

We giggled our way through the Art Museum2 before heading for the train back downtown.   We rounded out the evening with a quiet dinner at Triumph Grill.  Tonite we are heading to our favorite Italian restaurant on the Hill for a proper anniversary dinner.

With so much going on in our lives at the moment, we’ve decided to keep our anniversary pretty low key and mild.  But that doesn’t mean I’m not thrilled to be married to astonishing woman like Megan.  I still feel as lucky as I did two years ago on the beach when we were married.  And in two short weeks we’ll finally be in the home we’ve both been working towards for the past several months.

I usually don’t need much of a reason to celebrate, and today I have two great reasons.  So here’s to the first two and the last two.  Cheers!


The Captain

1  I was originally planning to watch the Cardinals playoff game that afternoon, but I had a feeling that it would only make me angry.  When I got home around 7 and saw the 5-0 score, I was super glad I skipped it.  The Redbirds were a straight-up embarrassment in the Postseason.

2  We couldn’t stop laughing after a security guard informed me that I had to wear my backpack over one shoulder instead of two.  This made absolutely no sense to either of us.  Was this guy a security guard or the cool police?

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