The Captain Celebrates Thirty With Three

I met my wife fifteen years ago this month when she had just turned fifteen.  So if you do the math, or have been watching my countdown, means that my wife is now thirty.  Happy birthday Megan!

And speaking of counters at The Captain’s Quarters you may have noticed that another one has fallen all the way down.  My resistance to owning a dog meter fell to zero the same week as Megan’s birthday, which can mean only one thing.  I got Megan a dog for her birthday.  And not just a dog, a puppy!  And not just a puppy, but a choice of a puppy!

Here is the note I wrote in Megan’s birthday card:

For your thirtieth birthday I decided to combine your three favorite things together into one gift:  traveling, dogs, and options.  So, on November 28 you will enjoy the trifecta as we drive to small town outside of Columbia.  There we will meet a toy fox terrier breeder at her home and you get to decide which of three 8-week old little boy puppies to bring home with us.  Enclosed are some pictures to help you decide.

You have been extremely patient in waiting to own a dog, and now feels like the ideal time to reward your patience.  Now that we have a home to call our own we can start our own little family.  I love you so much and I’m so glad to be starting a brand new decade with you.  Here’s to our thirties in the twenty-teens!

As the note mentioned, my wife loves having options.  Usually if I ask her where she wants to eat or what movie she wants to see I get “I don’t know.”  She’s much happier when I ask her to choose one of three restaurants or movies.

Earlier this year we researched dog breeds and decided that a toy fox terrier was the ideal breed for our home1.  They’re easily house trained, fairly low maintenance and extremely loyal.  So with that in mind I found a breeder in Missouri with a litter of toy fox pups so that Megan could have her pick.

I tried very hard to make sure this was a surprise for Megan and I was successful for the most part.  I had planned on letting her know at dinner, but I was pretty sure that she would squeal loudly when she saw the pictures2.  So I gave her the news at home and then we left for dinner.  Megan picked a great little restaurant in Maplewood called Acero.  They’re known for having a great four-course menu and a fantastic wine selection.  Here’s Megan enjoying the wine sampler.

Three choices, her favorite!

The three wines were easy; her birthday present will prove a much tougher decision.  The breeder has four puppies, three boys and a girl.  Megan will have to pick between little boy #1

little boy #2

Pretty damn cute, aren’t they.  Which one would you pick?

Megan is going to meet the whole gang on Saturday.  We get to spend some time with the pups so she can make a hands-on decision. Here are the boys with their sister.

And as much as I’ve griped in the past about the idea of owning a dog, I’m actually looking forward to bringing home a puppy.  I’m glad that I was able to give this gift to Megan for her thirtieth birthday.  She deserves this and so much more.

Choosing a puppy will be difficult and raising him will be a lot of work, but we’re in our thirties now so I guess that’s par for the course.  So happy thirtieth to my lovely wife.  And look out pups, here we come.


The Captain

1  Well, the ideal breed of weenie dog.  I prefer a medium sized dog, but Megan prefers tiny little lap dogs.  So first up is a small dog and maybe a bigger one somewhere down the road.

2 And I was right.  She squealed for like two minutes straight.

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