The Captain Would Like To Introduce Desmond

Meet the newest member of the Captain’s Crew

His name is Desmond and he is wonderful.

Desmond beat out his brothers as the pick of the litter on Saturday.

The selection process was not nearly as difficult as I imagined.  Most surprising was the size of the pups; they were tiny!  Ours was the biggest, and he’s not even two pounds!

After spending some time with the three pups, boy #3 really stood out as the best.  He was more playful yet calmer than his brothers and seemed the most mature and ready to come home.  Here he is standing head and shoulders above his brothers.


And that’s just what Megan did.

It was a long three hour car ride home with our boy but it didn’t seem to faze him.  He was calm and thrilled with all the attention Megan provided.

Once we arrived home with our new family member we started the process of acclimating him to our house.  Of course he immediately figured out how to escape from the pen we set up for him.  It took several tries for me to secure him; he’s a smart boy.

Potty training has been a lot of work so far, but he’s responded to it well considering his age.  We spent most of the day Sunday working with him and trying to sneak in some sleep whenever possible.

Previous to picking up the pup Megan had narrowed down her choice for names down to three.  By yesterday nite she decided on Desmond.  His namesake is our favorite hatch-dweller from Lost, Desmond Hume1

The resemblance is uncanny, brother!

We have a long few weeks of puppy-training ahead of us, but it all seems worth it when we look at that cute little face.

So please join me in welcoming Desmond to the Captain’s Quarters.


The Captain

1  I thought about pretending we named him after someone noble like Bishop Desmond Tutu or a great artist like Desmond Dekker so I didn’t look like such a Lost nerd.  But who am I kidding.  At least I’m not the only one; Hume was first result when I googled “Desmond” today.

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