The Captain Needs A New Closer

My busy season at work is almost winding down.  Almost.  As such, I’ve had enough spare time this week to start a few blog posts, but never enough time to finish them.  I actually started writing four blogs this week, but time constraints kept me from posting them.  So I’ve decided to post the abbreviated versions as my Friday 5 this week.

Top 5 Blogs I Almost Posted This Week

1.  The Captain’s Weekend Was Packed Full Of Broloney

From Monday – This past weekend I decided to Twitter update my weekend alone at home while my wife was out of town in Philly.  And despite my attempts at avoiding a stereotype, I mostly just sat around with a group of revolving bros doing the dumb stuff that guys do when left to their own advices.

Bad food, poker and an Eastbound and Down marathon.  Typically dumb and predictably wonderful.  Every guy needs a brosef weekend once in a while.  Thanks to all my bros that made mine a success.

2. The Captain Hits 1,000

From Tuesday – I didn’t notice it until today, but Monday was my 1,000th tweet on Twitter.  If I was paying attention, I would have made some kind of snarky comment about it.  Instead, I took the opportunity to declare my dislike of the retiring long-time manager of the Atlanta Braves, Bobby Cox.

I’m still not quite sure how I feel about Twitter.  I mostly use Twitter to post updates to my Facebook wall.  About the only real benefit of Twitter is being able to stay in touch with a few friends who don’t like Facebook1.  Occasionally a celebrity or comedian has something funny to say, but more often it’s just a lot of mindless chatter and shameless promotion.

3.  The Captain Is Going Back In Time

From Wednesday – Today is the third anniversary of the day I married my lovely wife.  We are postponing the celebration until Saturday, because celebrating during the week sucks.  Instead, we are going to a winery in Augusta for dinner on Saturday.  And there will be more celebrating on October 25.  I bought us tickets for this awesome show as an anniversary gift.  Megan is a huge Back To The Future fan, so I figured seeing the 25 year anniversary rerelease in theatres would be her speed.

Megan gave me a super-sweet 2010 Postseason Phillies shirt she picked-up in Philadelphia over the weekend as a gift.  She’s so thoughtful!  Happy anniversary baby, you’re the best!

4.  The Captain Quarters Hits 100,000

From Thursday – 100K!!!  The Captains Quarters is into six digits baby, and just in time!  Next month is my three year anniversary at the quarters, as well as my final month here.

Granted, I know that 100,000 haven’t actually read my blog.  I assume a good chunk of those clicks were people googling random words and clicking on my result.  For example, something on October 1st led 300 people in Taiwan to click here.  Why?  I have no idea.

But still, 100,000 feels pretty cool.  I’m currently averaging over 1,000 hits a week and I hate that I will have to basically start from scratch soon.  But no complaints.  To my handful of faithful readers, thanks for your support over the years.  I’ve had a great run here at the Captains Quarters, and it’s this really makes me feel like I’m going out on top.  Cheers!

5.  The Captain Needs A New Closer

From Friday – You just read this one.

So, looks like I managed to finish one out of 5 for the week.  I’m batting .200, just like the 2010 Cardinals!


The Captain

1.  Yes, I’m talking about you @marcps

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