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The majority of the news here in Missouri over the past week has been about the terrible storms ripping through the state. Wednesday saw another strong set of storms tear through Missouri after Sunday’s devastating tornados. The constant stream of news coming out of tornado ravaged Joplin has been eye-opening. What’s really struck me is some of the images to emerge from the storm damage. So for today’s Friday 5 I’m posting the most striking photographs of the tornado damage that I’ve seen this week.

Top 5 Striking Photos Of Joplin’s Tornado Damage

1. Destroyed Helicpoter In Front Of Damaged Hospital

2. First responders As Night Falls On Sunday

3. Arial View Of The Damaged Area

4. Before And After Streetview Using Google Streetview

5. Wood Beam Through a Concrete Curb

For more before and after picture comparisons, check out here and here.

It’s been a rough week here in Missouri, but I’ve been really inspired at the relief effort that’s arisen to respond.  A few of my friends in Springfield have been transporting donations down to Joplin all week, and some of my St. Louis friends are headed down to Joplin this weekend to help out with the recovery.  I’m not able to go downstate to help out, but I’ve done my part by donating money to Convoy Of Hope.  You can find out more about this awesome program by clicking here.  Let’s all do our part to help out our wonderful state!

The Captain

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  • Mom:

    As afraid as I am of tornados, this one was truly mind boggling. It is hands down, the worst one I have ever seen. I have never heard of people getting sucked out of windows by a tornado before.
    The google picture of the street corner before and after really brings it home

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