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Oh Delmar Loop, why don’t I live by you anymore?  The last few nites I’ve spent on your streets have been wonderful, even despite all the cold and crappy weather.  The anniversary dinner at the Melting Pot on Friday was beyond delicious, especially desert.

I loved it, and I’m not even that much of a desert guy.  Megan, she went crazy.

And then we both went into a food coma.  I love being married!

And last nite’s show at the Pageant was kick ass.  I wasn’t sure that Julian Casablancas’ solo effort would be worth a damn live, but I needn’t worry.

The opening band, Haim, was surprisingly good for a group based on a novelty concept, i.e. three guitar playing sister.  And Julian’s short set was worth the price of admission.  The eight songs from his solo disc sounded pretty awesome live, especially Out Of The Blue.  But it was the extras that made the show.  He sang my favorite live Strokes tune, Hard To Explain, as well as two wonderfully goofy covers of I Wish It Was Christmas Today and Dancing In The Dark.  Julian is still one hell of a good showman1

After four years of waiting, I’m super stoked The Strokes next album is finally coming out this year.  Now I’m off to freeze my ass off at the Cardinals game tonite.  But no complaints as I’m getting to see my fave Carpenter pitch against Eric Hinske and the hated Braves!


The Captain

1  Although his wardrobe needed an intervention.  Julian is just a little too old to be squeezing his ass into a pair of red skinny jeans…

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