The Captain Would Like To Introduce Hugo

So apparently Megan and I are crazy, because we adopted another dog on Wednesday.  Here is the picture that sold us.

Our new pooch is quite similar to our current pooch; he’s a male toy fox terrier pup about two months older than Desmond.  We are still trying to decide a proper name for him.  In sticking with the Lost theme the most obvious name would be Charlie.  However, my younger brother Charlie probably wouldn’t be amused.

Most of the other male names on the show would sound goofy for a dog – Locke? Sawyer? Sayid? Smoke Monster?  So we’re currently calling him Hugo.  Desmond & Hugo has a good ring to it.

While getting another puppy may sound ill advised, we actually put a lot of thought into our decision.  After several months with Desmond and his unlimited amounts of energy it became apparent to us that he needed more stimulation than we were able to provide him.  After seeing Desmond’s unbridled excitement towards other dogs at our local dog park, the obvious solution was to get Desmond a friend.

But not just any friend would work.  We wanted to find a dog that was similar to Desmond in size and age, so we spent weeks searching the internet for toy fox terriers.  Eventually we found an ad for a young male toy fox terrier named Squirt at a shelter in O’Fallon, IL.  On paper he sounded like a good fit.  His first owner was an elderly lady who simply could not keep up with him and eventually gave him up for adoption.

We went out to visit him last Saturday and we loved almost everything about him1.   We filled out the paperwork on the spot and made arrangement to pick him up on Wednesday.  The rest of that weekend was spent gathering supplies for the new guy and preparing our house for a second dog.

Meg and I took off work on Wednesday so we could pick him up in the morning, and we were greeted with this loving little face.

Instead of taking Hugo right to our house, we first brought him to Creve Coeur Park.  Multiple sources told us the best way to introduce a new dog into a house hold is to have both dogs meet in a neutral setting.  So we walked them separately to the park and let them commence their friendship.  It was love at first sight.  Actually, I don’t think love is what you would call this

It was more like obsession mixed with a struggle for supremacy.  Both dogs immediately tried to establish dominance over the other, which involved a massive amount of humping.  Hugo has a slight size advantage over Desmond, but Desmond has way more energy and is more determined than Hugo.  So far this has translated into something of a stalemate.

At first it is hard to tell the two pups apart.  To the average eye Hugo just looks like a scrappier version of Desmond.  When they are next to each other it’s obvious that Desmond is a product of superior breeding.  Hugo looks gangly and his fur is kinda splotchy.  Desmond looks like a show dog, Hugo looks like a pound puppy.

Personality wise they are quite different.  Desmond has a very strong personality and Hugo is much more laid back2.  So far this has translated into Desmond following Hugo around the house obsessively.  Hugo hasn’t had a break from Desmond since he walked in the door on Wednesday.  We bought Hugo his own bed, but Desmond curled up next to him right away.

It’s a little desperate on Desmond’s part, but damn if it isn’t adorable.  Our little dudes already seem like the best of friends and I imagine this will only increase over time.  These two dudes seem ready to face whatever comes their way.

As for Megan and I, we’re just hoping that these guys don’t end up driving us crazy…


The Captain

1.  We may have let him keep his name if it wasn’t so ridiculous.  Squirt is the soda that alcoholics chase shots with, not a dog name.

2.  So in the end, Desmond is the handsome and intense guy who was by himself way too long and Hugo is the bigger and scruffier guy who came from group incarceration…

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