The Captain Says Right Backatcha

Tonite is the last game of the regular season in baseball and the Cardinals are tied for the Wild Card.  I’m planning on a big post tomorrow about what a great season it’s been watching the Cardinals, but for today I wanted to give a shoutout to my fellow #1 Cards fan, Counting Steph.  Back at the beginning of the month when everyone had pretty much written off the Redbirds she was still cheering along with me.  She doesn’t even live in the Midwest anymore, yet she’s been to more Cardinals games this year than most people I know.   So this week’s Wayback Wednesday is dedicated to the spirit of right backatcha.

Here we have Counting Steph back in high school rocking a sweet Class of ’96 sweatshirt taking a picture of herself being photographed.  I’m not sure who the gentleman on the left is who is intent on not being photographed;  anyone have a guess?  On the right we have Mr. Hollywood himself, @MortBurke in his pizza delivery costume.  And a special shoutout to mommy-soon-to-be Georgette, aka @BKChikSand, classing the picture up in her house crew dress.  This pic also features a sweet 90’s illustrated map of Florissant and a Jack In The Box bag from the Jack’s Back era.  Those 1995 One Acts really had it all!

So big ups to my baseball buddy Steph, let’s bring home a winner for the Cardinals!


The Captain

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