The Captain Is Sending A Friend Request

Last week I attended a show so wonderful it became my new favorite type of live entertainment, the Middle School Musical1.  My 14 year old brother Charlie has decided to follow in my hammy footsteps by taking an interest in theater.  He was one of the leads in the Seager Middle School production of Schoolhouse Rock! The Musical.

To my delight, the show was solely comprised of songs from the Schoolhouse Rock! television show.  Charlie is a talented singer and was able to score a few solos in some of the best songs.  He lead in I’m Just A Bill and also on my personal favorite, 3 Is The Magic Number.  Here he is with our brother Paul after the show in his Just A Bill costume.

Great job Charlie!

The funniest part of the whole evening to me was the after-show-freak-out.  After most school theater productions the hallway outside the theater is complete chaos.  The kids’ excitement about performing translates into extreme hyper activity.  It’s been years since I witnessed firsthand that many teenagers running around and screaming with so much excitement.

My mom informed me that after the show, the 30+ members of the cast headed to Applebee’s where they made life hell for several servers and the rest of the patrons2.  Back in my school theater days we did the same thing to the waitstaff at the Casa Gallardo on the Rock Road.  For some reason this really got me thinking.

Back then it was more or less true that everyone involved in the production was invited out.  While everyone may not have been best friends, there was still a certain level of camaraderie within the group.  Assembling a large group of people for loose plans on the fly was no big deal.  It stayed this way for me pretty much up until I graduated college.  There always seemed to be a near endless supply of people ready to meet up at a moment’s notice.

This is obviously not the case anymore.  Getting a group of friends together now requires at least a week’s notice and typically involves several cancelations.  I’m not trying to point any fingers here; I am just as guilty of this as everyone else.  Lately I have been lamenting this fact because it is about to get more challenging for me.  This year is quickly turning into Babypalooza 2010.

Megan and I currently have five close friends/couple who are currently pregnant.  My buddy Dave and my buddy Morgan are both due to be parent this summer(!), and our good friends Jamie and Rachel, are expecting twins(!double-up!!) in June.  Megan’s Maid of Honor is actually in labor today(!) and my buddy Timmy’s wife was due on Wednesday!  That’s a lot of babies; congrats to everyone!

And while newborns do not prevent me from remaining friends with anyone, it does make hanging out with them more challenging.  To address this issue I have been attempting to find additional people to fill in the impending gaps.  This is proving to be a challenge.  As I lamented numerous times while I was living in Florida, making friends becomes more difficult with age.  Luckily, living in St. Louis gives me options that Florida did not.  I’ve recently begun trying to reconnect with several friends I haven’t seen in awhile, and I’ve had moderate success.  My other strategy has been to try hanging out with some of the casual acquaintances that I’ve made over the years.  This approach has also produced some mild victories.

My next few months look to be rather social for me.  Not table for 30 at Casa social, but I am planning on putting myself out there more than usual.  So it  looks like the next round is on me.  Cheers!


The Captain

1.  It’s kinda like High School Musical movies, but without any real characters or plot.  Wait…

2.  Although I would contend that if you’re at an Applebee’s on Thursday nite at 8pm your life is pretty much hell anyways.

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