The Captain Wraps Up Modern Rock 2011

I’m officially out of Tuesdays!  This will be my last 2 For Tuesday of the year, and there are still several songs that I want to highlight!!!

So at this point I’m going to just pick two last songs and then cover the rest next month when I do a complete breakdown of Modern Rock 2011.  The first of the last is Out Of Tune by Real Estate.

I’ve heard several good things about Real Estate throughout the year but I had never given them a listen.  But their high ranking on several yearend best-of lists prompted me to give them a shot.  I was rewarded with this great low-fi little gem of an album in the process.  Great suggestion critics!  Apparently this is their second album, so it looks like I’ve got some homework. 

And the final 2 For Tuesday pick is Lucky Now by Ryan Adams.

This is a bit of a surprise considering how long it’s been since I’ve actually liked a song by Ryan Adams.  Let’s see, Gold was released in 2001, so it’s actually been 10 years!  Since 2001 he’s been putting out the kind of self-indulgent schlock that boils my blood.  I guess someone must’ve called him on his shit, because he finally managed to drop all of his tortured artist pretense and write this remarkable little song.  And in a year of pleasant musical surprises, it’s swell to end 2 For Tuesday on a beautiful note. 

I’ll be back with 2 For Tuesday in February to start Modern Rock 2012.  But for now, thanks for listening in 2011!


The Captain

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