The Captain Is Glad That Money Cant Buy Him Love

With Valentine’s Day near and my next mortgage payment always on the horizon, I’ve decided that the perfect gift for my wife this year is dedicating this week’s Friday 5 list to her.  I’m so thoughtful…

Heading towards our sixth year together I find that it’s easy for me to sometimes forget all the amazing things my wife does on a daily basis.  With that in mind, here’s to you Meg.  You’re the best evaevaeva!

Top 5 Things My Wife Does Better Than Anyone Else

1.  Cook

Anyone who knows Megan would probably agree that she is an amazing cook; she puts more thought and effort into cooking than I thought possible.  Megan is almost always thinking about food.  She has three subscriptions to cooking magazines and 40+ cookbooks in our kitchen.  She’s read so much that she’s moved on to what I call a food theorist.  Over our five+ years together she has managed to learn my tastes and can now accurately predict new meals I might enjoy; it’s like living with a gourmet chef.  I’m so used to her constant perfection that I don’t even try anymore.  The last time I attempted to cook a meal was probably April of 2006.  Since then I’ve pretty much lived in a constant epicurean haze thanks to my lovely wife.  She really is the best.

2.  Converse

Truth be told, I’m a bit of a talker.  Actually, I rarely shut up.  But still, I like to think of myself as a conversationalist; I believe that I could carry on a meaningful conversation with just about anyone.  As such, I’ve always known that I would end up marrying a fellow conversationalist. I’ve found that having a meaningful conversation with someone is tougher than it sounds; it involves equal parts listening and talking and it must occur with a person who has something to say.  Megan is the only woman I’ve even been with that understands how to have a good conversation.  When we converse it’s rarely one sided, which is saying a lot for me.  If communication makes a relationship strong, then ours’ is reinforced titanium.

3.  Fill A Pair Of Jeans

I’m not going to comment further on this one since I know that her family members read this occasionally.  Let me just say that my wife is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever been with and leave it at that.

4.  Clean House

Megan is an extremely clean person.  She’s not too clean, but she’s close1.  I consider her just sane enough to not be a germaphobe.  While I may find this trying a times, mostly I just enjoy the fruits of her labor.  My wife is a clean-machine and I love it.  The 3½ years I’ve lived with her have been the cleanest of my life.  Our house is spotless 95% of the time, and the other 5% is usually when I forget to do the dishes.  Our house is always presentable and I really appreciate all of the effort she puts into keeping it that way.

5.  Admit She Can’t Sing

Lots of girls can’t sing worth a damn, but Megan is the only woman I know that is a classically trained bad singer.  While obtaining her degree at New York University, Meg had to take singing classes as part of the curriculum.  So even though Megan has a terrible singing voice, she really knows how to project and use vibrato.  She has all of the training but a bad instrument. Megan KNOWS she can’t sing so she doesn’t let anyone pressure her into it.  Her singing is strictly for comedy’s sake and I love her for it.

Megan is the best and I’m lucky to call her my wife.  Happy Valentine’s Day!


The Captain

1.  As for me, I wouldn’t say that I’m an overly dirty or clean person; I like to think that I’m pretty clean for a straight guy.

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