The Captain Loves A Good State Of The Union Address

I must’ve been predetermined to be a Political Science major, because I love State Of The Union Addresses.  Even if I’m not fond of the particular President giving the speech, I still love watching the SOTU for the political theater of the event.  Stuffing that many inflated egos into a room always makes for some interesting television.

After laughing through most of the past several years of addresses1 it was a pleasant surprise to actually agree with most of our President’s remarks this year.  The President even managed to make a budget joke:

Obama also spoke at length about the deficit, saying he would freeze government spending, but not until next year. When some Republicans snickered at the delay, suggesting through their derision that the President was not as serious as he claimed to be, Obama shot them a quick rejoinder. “That’s how budgeting works,” he pointed out, quite accurately.

At my office that’s a totally sick burn.

For me the most exciting thing to come out of the SOTU was this

High Speed Passenger Rail!

The President approved using $8 billion of the TARP funding for upgrades to rail lines in several major areas, including the St. Louis to Chicago line.  The StL-Chi line scored a cool $1.1 billion to increase speeds on the track up to 120 mph.  You can read more about it here and here


As I mentioned last year, I’m I huge fan of trains and I’m thrilled to see this project get the start up funding it needs.  Good job Mr. President!


The Captain

1  Say what you want about George W. Bush, but the man knew how to give an entertaining speech.  In his 2004 address, his first after invading Iraq, he found time to complain about steroids in baseball.

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