The Captain Is A Discoverer

This week has been stupid busy. If I could sum it up in one picture, it would be this:

And although I’ve been busy, it’s been the good kind of busy where I get to see cool cats and do cool things. Seeing as I don’t have the time to write about everything, I thought I’d focus on the best parts for this week’s Friday 5.

Top 5 Discoveries I’ve Made In The Past Week

1. I have a new favorite bar

Last Saturday nite I went to The Waiting Room for only the second time and I am now smitten with the place. For those unfamiliar, it’s an awesome little dive bar up north in St. Ann that’s run by a couple of young metal enthusiasts1. Saturday nite was the opening of their new patio and it was fence-to-fence fun. I saw a bunch of people from Float2K10, a few old friends, and my sister even managed to make it out of South City for a nite. And while at said bar I discovered…

2. My sister still dates people I know

In our youth, Cathie and I went through a phase where we dated each other’s friends regularly. Considering I’m only a year older than her, it seemed to make sense at the time. Fast forward to 2010, and I haven’t dated anyone except my lovely wife in over 6 years2. During that span my sister has steered clear of my friends so effectively that I kinda forgot that her dating someone I know was still an option. Well, Saturday nite I learned that she is now dating a mutual acquaintance of ours. His name is Senn. He is a party monster. He was responsible for most of the killer parties I attended in college. He still knows how it’s done, as I learned on Float2K10.

But just to be clear, Cathie dating Senn is cool with me. It’s just struck me as odd that it didn’t even occur to me that this could happen.

3. I’m not ready to exercise everyday

A couple of weeks back I started running a few miles in the morning before work. Nothing major, just once or twice a week so my body can get used to the stress. Starting slowly has actually made my runs rather enjoyable.

This week I decided to step up my routine by running on consecutive mornings. Big mistake. I was basically dead to the world all day Tuesday.

4. I still wish harm on people from high school

Saturday nite I ran into a guy that I’ve known since grade school but haven’t seen in years. TK was the man back in the day, and still seems pretty cool3. We got to talking about guys we knew and then he made my month with a few stories about my high school arch-enemy, Johnny. When TK brought up his name, I actually shuttered. I HATED that kid back in the day. He’s one of the only people in my entire life that I flat-out hated, and it was mostly due to his intense hatred of me. He was an asshole to me from the first time we met, and I never really knew why.

TK told me two terrible stories that involved Johnny getting his ass kicked and getting cheated on by his wife. And when he was finished with these tales I noticed I inadvertently had a big shit-eating grin on my face. I haven’t seen this kid in probably a dozen years, and yet hearing of his misfortune still brought me satisfaction. And here I thought I had let all those high school feelings go…

5. Everyone I know must have seasonal affective disorder

Seriously, everyone I saw this week was in a good mood. Summer, I love you and so does everyone I know.


The Captain

1. Their slogan “The only rock bar on the Rock Road” is pretty rad.

2. Actually, Megan was technically both of our friends in college. So I guess it’s still going on…

3. Despite the Peyton Manning jersey he was wearing.

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