The Captain Goes Big Before He Goes Without

So I’ve been slowly working my way towards getting in shape this year.  I haven’t mentioned it because I decided a few years back that I will rarely devote space on this blog to discussing my attempts at weight loss.  In my experience, reading about other individuals’ exercise or dieting routines is usually rather dull.  The only reason I’m bringing it up now is to explain my strange behavior for the rest of the month.  Meg has talked me into a 3 week cleanse that begins this Saturday.  I’m hoping it will be a good kick-start towards getting in shape.  For the 21 days of the cleanse I will go without:

1.  Sugar

2.  Gluten

3.  Caffeine

4.  Animal Products

5.  Alcohol

That’s right, for 3 weeks I’ll basically be a hippie uber-vegan who doesn’t drink.  Ahhhh!

I’ve maintained that March is my least favorite month, and now I will most likely be cranky for the rest of March.  It’s probably going to be difficult on me, which is the only reason I’m drawing attention to it here.  This is fair warning to my friends and family:  Sorry in advance for my pissy/groggy demeanor and sorry if I refuse to eat or drink something that you offer me.  I’ll be back to normal and hopefully feeling better by April.

So I’ve got five days until the cleanse starts and I’m gonna live it up while I can.  It’s time to Ron Swanson it up with a steak and a whiskey while I’m still free.




The Captain

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