The Captain’s Eightest Wasn’t The Greatest

I came back from the cabin trip on Sunday ornery and exhausted.  Early bed time was a given.  Sleep of the dead.  About the only thing that would’ve waken me last nite was a disaster.  Unfortunately, one awoke me just after midnite.


A pipe in my upstairs hall bathroom burst, gushing inches of fresh water on the floor, and gallons down the air ducts.  All this water eventually found it’s way down to our finished basement, standing in the ceiling panels and soaking some of the carpet.  The light fixture at the bottom of the stairs was recast as a water fountain for a good 10 minutes.


It took us four hours to dry up all of the standing water and go back to sleep.  Today we had to call in the homeowners insurance crew to do an industrial strength dry job all day.




And in doing so we had to cancel plans to go to dinner for an anniversary celebration.  Eight years ago we went on our first date, this year  I sponged water off of concrete for a solid hours.  Or as I like to say, Romance!


Now I’m thoroughly exhausted and contemplating turning in for the evening at 8pm.  This pipe burst combined with the cabin trip made for quite a intense weekend, but I’m built sturdy.  As they say, the higher you climb the mountain, the stronger the wind blows.  In that case, time to pop open a beer and enjoy the breeze while I’m here on the top.





The Captain

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