The Captain Has Finally Recovered Enough From Float2K10 To Write About It

In the first ten minutes of arriving at the Bass River Resort for Float2K10 I knew I was in for some punishment.  It was around 100 degrees and we had started bonging beers out of a skull & spinal cord beer-bong.

And it went downhill from there.  The rest of the weekend wasn’t exactly a blur, but trying to remember specific details is challenging.  For example, due to the excessive heat I know that I spent the majority of my weekend in the beautiful crystal brown waters of the majestic Huzzah River.  But I’d be hard pressed to provide a more detailed description.  I know I made it through Friday nite relatively intact despite the best efforts of Senn and his backpack of shots.

And that I made it through an all day float Saturday without killing myself.  I remember crashing kinda early on Saturday nite due to exhaustion, and that later I awoke early enough to rally for the final push towards dawn.  I’m sure that Busch Light beer on a necklace shirt was a big hit

And that having my sister as a partner in crime was a big asset.  I definitely made a ton of new friends, including the kick-ass crew from The Waiting Room, and I made a much better showing than I did at Float2K ten years ago.

And besides that, there isn’t much more to say.   It was a care-free 48 hours that I spent the next 72-hours paying for in full.  Diving back into work Monday was pretty challenging, and Tuesday wasn’t much better.  I wasn’t really 100% till Wednesday, and didn’t feel creative enough to write about it till today.  But I guess that’s just the price for admission ten years later.  I guess the best thing to do is to start preparing for Float2K11 right now.  Who’s with me!


The Captain

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