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Last nite I went to one of my favorite yearly events, a Cardinals-Phillies game at Busch Stadium.  I always love watching my favorite team play my second favorite team, and especially live.  And what a great game it was last nite.  The highlight should make for one hell of a fine #Friday5 and a great way to close out #SportsWeek before tomorrow’s #LiveBlog


Top 5 Memorable Moments of Cardinals-Phillies 2012


1.  Cardinals game with a graduate

Thursday was my kid brother Paul’s last day of high school.  What a great opportunity to take him to the ballpark without mom for the first time!



2.  I finally made the Jumbotron!

After years of trying I was finally featured on the big screen in the outfield.  When Yadier Molina hit a two run homer to tie the game, a camera man came walking by to get crowd reaction shots.  Deputy Tim and I were busy screaming “YADI-YADI-YADI” and didn’t really notice anything.  After about 20 seconds Paul screamed “Look, were on the Jumbotron!” But by then it was too late.  So I didn’t actually see myself on the big screen, but several text messages I received shortly thereafter confirmed it.  If only someone had taken a picture!

3.  Bashfest

Yadier Molina’s homer was just one of many hits and runs for the evening.  Less than half an hour into the game started and the score was already 6-0 Phillies.  It looked to be over early, but the Cardinals battled back and eventually tied it 7-7.  Both bullpens gave up some more runs, but eventually the Phillies edged out the Cards 10-9.  Not a boring game to say the least.

4.  Losing streak continues

That game was the fourth time this year I’ve gone down to the stadium and the fourth time the Cardinals lost.  My 0-4 record indicates that I should not keep going to games if I want the Cardinals to make the playoffs.  Or maybe there is still time to turn this streak around!

5.  Streaker!

And speaking of streaks, the first streaker in ages reared his heads on Thursday nite to the delight of everyone in the stadium.  I wasn’t sure what was happening at first when I saw everyone in the stand jump out of their seat and start cheering when the seventh inning stretch began.  And then I saw this.


The crowd went crazy while the naked man did his best to avoid the swarm of guards headed towards him.  Here’s a video I found on YouTube that shows the action.



So thank you drunk, naked dude for making it one hell of a game to remember.  Tonite you walk off a hero.



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