The Captain Finally Got Paid For This

So now that #SportsWeek is finally finished let me tell you what that was all about. I’ve been moonlighting in my spare time for a marketing research firm here in St. Louis for a couple of years now. The pay isn’t that great but the work is super easy. Usually it’s been taste testing beer or watching a TV pilot for a couple of bucks, but at the beginning of May they called me to take part in sports study. The premise was real simple. I write down when I do anything related to sports for one week, cumulating in watching the Cardinals-Phillies game on May 26th. Afterwards I come in for a focus group to talk about how I watch and consume sports. Then they give me money for my trouble.


So basically I have to blog about sports for a week and then get paid. But here’s the kicker: whomever they deem has the best written submissions receives a $100 bonus. So not just a blog, but a blog competition? Are you ready for a Blog Off!?!


So that is why I declared it #SportsWeek here at Captains Quarters. I sent them some writing about my favorite sports websites like and as well as my fantasy baseball team, Wild Turkeys.1 I posted sports related videos, like this one of me at Busch Stadium last week checking out the Tumbler and Batpod from The Dark Knight Rises.

And of course I tried my hand at a #LiveBlog of the Cardinals-Phillies game on Saturday. While it didn’t quite turn out how I had planned, I did learn a lot for my next #LiveBlog attempt. Most importantly, I wrote some good submissions throughout the week that were sent into the marketing research company.
The focus group met last nite, and afterwards I got paid my fee plus the bonus money. That’s right baby, I won the Blog Off! But that shouldn’t come as a surprise, as everyone knows that’s why I’m cool



So that’s how I (sort of) found a way to get paid to blog about my favorite two teams playing a baseball game. And while it’s not exactly enough money to quit my day job2 it’s still getting paid for do something I usually do for free. No longer can people ask me why I blog if I’m not getting paid. Now they’ll have to ask why I blog if I’m not getting paid MUCH.


The Captain



1. After a rough start Wild Turkeys are currently in 4th place out of 12 teams. Score!
2. The total was under $500 total if you were curious.

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