The Captains Cards Are Still Wild

I wasn’t sure quite what to expect with tonite’s first ever Wild Card Playoff game, but I had a feeling it would be wild. I knew the Braves had a Chip on their shoulder after getting knock out of the playoffs last year, and I figured that the home town crowd in Atlanta would be pretty rowdy. Luckily I watched the game with a couple of rowdy Cardinals fans so I was ready.



I’m not going to recap the game, here’s a good review of tonite’s game if you’re interested. But I will say that there was some pretty bad calls by the umpires that effected both teams. Good eyes!



I honestly didn’t like the Cardinals chances going into the game, which made the surprise victory all the sweeter. As I mentioned last post season, I really hate the Braves. So ending their season again was exciting. It felt like walking out of the Maury show a free man.



Now the real Playoffs begin. Here’s to another Red October!

The Captain

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  • […] to watch. On October 5th I watched the Wild Card game at Felix’s in Dogtown with my sister and D. As I mentioned that nite, I thought the Cardinals would probably lose and was thrilled to be wrong. One week later and the […]

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