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Commissioner Bud Selig is an idiot and an asshole.  Since Bud decided to sign an exclusive deal with Direct TV, I will not be able to enjoy watching Cardinals baseball on my home television this year.  I live in a high rise building, and there is literally no way for me to hook up a dish to my television.  The commish decided that money was more important than letting a fan like myself watch the game.

Granted, the exclusive deal he signed worth approximately ten gajillion dollars would be hard to turn down.  However, his greedy short sightedness is preventing me and countless other baseball fans from voluntarily giving our cable providers $100 to watch baseball.  I can’t believe Bud doesn’t see any problem shutting out numerous baseball fans.  Predictably, he responds by saying that has a subscription available for all of the games on streaming video.  Fantastic, after a day of staring at a computer screen all day, I can come home and stare at another computer screen.  Not only that, but I get to pay more money to stare at the shitty, pixilated lameness that is streaming video.

So, I’m at a bit of an impasse.  Do I pay $120 a year to semi-enjoy watching baseball, or do I refuse to pay money for shitty service.  Unfortunately, I am leaning towards ponying up the cash.  Last season I opted not to buy the baseball package, and I had to settle for watching the 2 games a month that got national coverage.  It sucked.  Even though the Cardinals are bound to get more nationally televised games this year, it won’t do me much good.

The Tampa area Fox affiliate always broadcasts Yankee games, and I mean always.  Last summer I had to miss a Cards-Cubs game of the week on Fox because Tampa was broadcasting a Yankees-Angels game.  The only three cities in the country that didn’t get the Cards-Cubs game were New York, Los Angeles and Tampa.  The only nationally televised games I can watch are on ESPN, and that network is ridiculously east coast biased.  So, it’s either the internet or nothing.  I’m curious as to other people’s opinion on my dilemma.  Should I give money to support a greedy idiot who is selling America’s pastime like a drug dealer, or should I take a stand and suffer for it?

As you can probably tell, I’ve got baseball on the mind.  Spring training is in full force down here, and I am set to attend several games in the near future.  I’ll be discussing spring training quite a bit in my next few blogs.  For now, I will concentrate on other topics.

First up, the weather:  It’s gorgeous!  Last Tuesday was probably the unofficial end of chilly weather in Sarasota.  From now till the end of the month, highs will be in the upper 70s to low 80s.  We went to the beach twice this past weekend, and they were the most crowded I’ve seen them since I moved to Sarasota.  Everyone was enjoying the weather; it looked at felt like the official start to spring in Florida.  The weather was also fantastic for our afternoon boat ride on Saturday.

Which bring me to my second topic:  boating!  It had been a month since I’d been out on a boat, (I know, poor me…) and I missed it more than I realized.  With the temperature back up, I’m planning on going out every weekend I’m in town.  If you’re reading this and think I sound like an asshole, you’re probably right.  Let me make it up by extending an invitation to everyone reading this:  come visit me in Florida and I will take you out boating as much as you want.1

Megan and I went out by ourselves on Saturday and took a nice relaxing trip around the bay.  While I am still learning the finer points of operating a boat, I already feel quite at ease on the water.  Next weekend I will be taking my offshore test, which will allow me to take boat out into the Gulf of Mexico.  Good times.

This brings me to my final topic:  exercise!  My routine is apparently working, since I lost another pound this week.  This brings the grand total to ten pounds lost since the New Year, or one pound a week.  If I keep this pace up, I will lose forty pounds by the wedding.  That probably isn’t going to happen, and it isn’t really my goal.  I’m mostly concerned about getting rid of my gut.  To that end, I’ve worked hard at actually trying to enjoy the process of getting back in shape, and so far I’ve really enjoyed it.

Being in Florida helps out a lot.  My daily running route is full of interesting things to focus on, from the bay to palm trees to the wildlife.  For example, on Saturday, Megan and I saw two dolphins playing in the water while on our morning walk.  One of the dolphins floated along the surface of the water for two or three minutes right underneath us on the bridge.  Stuff like that makes exercise much more interesting.  Getting back in shape is the coolest.  And on that note, I’ll end this blog so I can go on a run.


The Captain

1  Boating offer not valid in the month of October.  Sorry, I’ll be a little busy then.  Offer also not valid to anyone who has ever hit on my sister.

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