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Yesterday marked our three year anniversary with our pup Desmond.  Even though I bought him as a 30th birthday present for Meg, the boy has been mine pretty much since the beginning.  He’s a real daddy’s boy, much in the same way that Hugo is a momma’s boy.  I’m not quite sure why Desmond picked me, but the choice couldn’t be clearer.  I’ve only had one other dog that showed such a clear preference for me, my childhood dog Heidi.  So in honor of three years with Desmond, here’s a pic of the Captain’s first canine fan for #WaybackWednesday



According to the time stamp this picture was taken in 1986.  If I recall correctly, my sister demanded to take this picture after she put her clip-on earrings on Heidi.   I guess my mom must’ve volunteered to hold her.  What a couple of pretty ladies!

What strikes me now is how Desmond reminds me of Heidi.  Cute face, long legs, white fur with a distinctive spot, and an undying love of me.  No wonder I love that little boy so much!






The Captain

2 Responses to “The Captains Puppy Love”

  • Cathie:

    Oooo, poor Heidi. I dressed that dog up in all sorts of stuff. Earrings, Cabbage Patch kid clothes, and hats. My cat, George, got it worse. I remember making an outfit out of paper that was a super-hero costume called “Super George”. There was a cape and a mask. I taped that outfit on George and then made her drive around in my Cabbage Patch Kid car. Ha!

  • Mom:

    Heidi does look awfully humiliated here

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