The Captain Is Busy Searching For Another Port To Dock The Quarters

The imminent demise of Blog-City really caught me off guard.  I was actually planning on staying here at Blog-City for quite a while.  I even took a few days last spring to transfer over all of my MySpace blog entries over here figuring that it was worth the effort.  Now it’s a little over a year later and I have to move it all again, only this time I’m moving around 250 entries instead of 25.

It’s funny now, but it never even occurred to me that a blog site that already does so little for its customers could get even lazier.  It’d be different if this was one of the many free blog sites out there, but I actually pay for this shit.  Since they’re too lazy or dumb to take my money and put out the tiniest of efforts to host my blog, I’m now gonna have to learn way more about how the internet works.

I’ve spent some time researching other ways to host the Captains Quarters, and so far I do not like what I see.  A lot of folks are on Tumblr, but I don’t like their layout.  The same goes for WordPress and Blogger.  The host site doesn’t have to be super fancy, but I want it to be a little more visual than what these free sites have to offer.

The only blog site that’s interested me so far is Squarespace.  They seem to have a lot going for their site including a decent looking layout and a couple of interesting widgets.  What remains to be seen is the difficulty level of transferring my entries from there to there.  If I decide to go with a blog hosting site, Squaresoft is definitely the frontrunner.

Alternately, I’ve been toying around with the idea of creating my own site.  And by “creating my own site” I mean finding someone to create it for me on the cheap.  I like the idea of having my own site, but I’m not sure I have the know how to make it work.

About the only thing I do know is that my new blog site will not be anytime soon.  I went looking at prices for domain names online and discover that securing the rights to would cost me over $2,000!  That’s a ridiculous amount of money for a domain name.

I’ll probably be making the decision of where to move in the next couple of weeks, so if anyone has any good suggestions or recommendations let me know.  Before I finish this entry full of self-promotion I want to give a high-five to MTV for the best bit of self-promotion I’ve seen in some time.  Last nite during Jersey Shore, the first commercial break featured the world premier of the trailer for Jackass 3D.

And that’s how you advertise to your core audience.


The Captain

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