The Captain Wraps Up His Break

Well now that I’ve spent a week writing about both sadness and paradise lets shoot for somewhere in between.  I would like to spend one more week talking about the five month break before getting back to my usual nonsense, so I’m unofficially declaring this as wrap up week.  Today I wanted to mention a planned change here at Captains Quarters.

I spent a couple of weeks before my return tinkering with some behind the scenes updates on this website.  It provided a great opportunity to reconsider what I enjoy about my blog and what I do not.  I still enjoy Friday 5 posts, but not always.  I still love #WaybackWednesday even though all the kids have moved on to #ThrowbackThursday for some reason.  “Wayback” sounds like a fun trip to me, whereas “Throwback” sounds like an overpriced jersey.  So yeah, I’m sticking with WW.

The big change I’m making concerns #2ForTuesday and its specifics.  A couple of years ago I came up with #2ForTuesday as a way to document the process that goes into making my yearly Modern Rock discs.  I spend a lot of time listening to new music and I thought it would be fun to include updates on this progress throughout the year.  I also thought it would generate feedback that would help me select tracks for Modern Rock.  Well, I was wrong on both accounts.  It was not enjoyable on my end, and I received little to no response on the music that I posted.  So I’ve decided to keep #2ForTuesday but not to use it specifically for Modern Rock.  Just two random things that I happen to be enjoying at the moment.

Besides these changes to content I also tweaked a couple of small things.  I added a new Twitter tracker, a new Flickr badge, and I deleted a couple of unused icon.  I have a couple of other small changes in mind as well, as I continue to work at making the homepage to look as clean as possible.  Any suggestions are welcome.



The Captain

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