The Captains Sister Got Hitched

The other big event from my break was the wedding of my sister.  After years of trying to find someone to pawn her off on we finally found the perfect sucker.  His name is James and he has made a huge mistake.

I’m joking of course, as James and Cathie are very well matched and very lucky to have found each other.  Here’s a great picture of the happy couple enjoying some wedding cake.


James and Cathie with cake small


The wedding was an enjoyably exhausting event that took place over a few days in early October.  There was a ton of work involved in throwing the celebration, especially with 2 families traveling from out of state.  My dad’s entire family flew in from the East Coast, and the groom’s whole family flew in from the West Coast.  The turnout was actually quite impressive considering the distance traveled by wedding guests.  And all of the out of town guests kept me quite busy while trying to help with the hosting duties.  But it was totally worth it to have all of my family in town for such a big occasion.  Everyone in this picture of my dad’s family at the ceremony flew in from out of town expect for my sister and our spouses!


 dads family small


My mom’s family also had a great showing for the wedding, even though my mom still can’t seem to keep her eyes open for pictures.


 moms family small


I’m kidding!  She looked great when I escorted her down the aisle at the ceremony.

mom aisle small


Besides hosting my family, I also volunteered to DJ the reception and help out with the family brunch the morning after the ceremony.  I like to think I did a good job with the reception, as I managed to get about half the audience to dance at some point.  Then again, judging from this picture, I’d say that the open bar had a lot to do with that.

The whole group cut


I was also really pleased with the brunch we had the morning after the ceremony.  My mother’s family and I pitched in to throw a low key party for all of our out of town’s guests.  It was a lot of fun and made for a picture to remember.


 Brunch Win


I could honestly go on and on about numerous topics but I will instead stick with my mantra from that week:  Don’t steal Cathie’s thunder.  It was her party and I was just glad to be there and help out whenever I could.  So I will end today by saying that my sister made a beautiful bride and I wish her all the best in her married life.


Getting ready small



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