The Captains Keep Returning

The other big thing that I missed during the break was Captain Mike.  And I really missed him, as he’s been in Afghanistan for the entire time I was gone.  But he was gone in the actual sense, as in 9 months in a sandy-hell-pit overseas.  Not gone in the too-sad-to-write-my-crappy-blog sense like me.  His absence has been a real bummer, but all of his friends and family and done a great job filling in the gap.  I tried to help out when I could, but it always felt like too little when compared to such a big absence.  I visited his wife Irene and his young daughter a handful of weekends over the break.

Cap & Irene

Cap and Em


And I organized a small toy drive in Captain Mike’s behalf back in February.   Our friends from college all chipped in to help send him a care package full of fun toys to occupy Mikey’s time.  Ludlow chipped in with Frisbee and a hacky sack, Morgan with a football, and Timmy with some fart putty.  I tossed in a flash drive full of pirated movies as well as a few magazines and a dashboard hula girl I picked up in Hawaii.  It was a box full of silliness that I hope put a smile on his face.

And I have to give credit to Captain Mike, as it was his absence that finally got me back to writing.  After the New Year I realized that I hadn’t written a single thing in over three months.  How terrible that a writer like me hadn’t sent one single message to my buddy overseas!  So I sat down and hand wrote Mikey a note to put in the care package that I was sending.  After that I started emailing with him, and eventually it motivated me to start writing here at Captains Quarters.

So now it’s time to celebrate, as Mikey’s 9 month absence comes to an end tomorrow.  The Captain Returns!  That’s right; it’s all Captains on deck starting tomorrow!

Welcome home Mikey


So let’s all light a cigar and rejoice at the return of a hell of a solider and a hell of a man.  Welcome home Captain.


Mikey smokes small



The Captain

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