The Captains Wraps Up His Break For Really-Real This Time

The end is near!  Today is the final look back at my break, once again in a convent #Friday5 post.

Top 5 Highlights From The Rest Of My Break

1.  Modern Rock 13

I missed discussing the 13th edition of my yearly best of discs!  Here are the track listings in case you were curious.

2013 1


2013 2


It was a good year for music and a great year for Modern Rock.  Every year my distribution list gets longer, and this year it was a downright beast.  Between ordering the tracks, burning the discs, printing and cutting the inserts




And stuffing the mailers




I spent probably a good week on sending out my pics this year.  No complaints thought, it is truly a labor of love.


2.  Club Senn Ugly Sweater Edition

My buddy over at Tales From The Fjord throws an X-mas party every year, but 2013 was something special.  The theme was ugly sweaters, and it did not disappoint.

 Club Senn 1


Club Senn 2


Club Senn 3


With Senn providing the logistics and Ford providing the crazy guests, it was definitely one to remember.  Well done fellas.


3.  Meg dominated the Oscar pool this year

Every year Meg and I have a friendly competition with my buddy Grellner on our Oscar pics.  Grellner has traditionally dominated this event in the past, but not this year.  Meg correctly picked 22 of the 24 categories, good for a 92% success rate.  That kind of supremacy is impressive.

Oscar pics 2014


Granted, she had some help from me this year since I managed to find a copy of every nominated films online.  But still, one hell of a performance.  Well done Meg!

4.  I picked up trash

I’ve been really enjoying Creve Coeur Park for the past four years, so much so that I’ve been wanting to give back to the place that I love.  I found a great opportunity to help clean the park by volunteering at the Confluence Trash Bash.  Meg, me and a coworker spent a couple of hours on a Saturday morning removing trash from the shoreline of the lake by our house.  What I thought would be a fun way to give back was actually a pretty grueling job.  Between the three of us we filled 3 trash bags full of mostly glass and plastic bottles.  We even found an abandoned trashcan!  It was a lot of work, but it was the best kind of work.  We plan on making this an annual event in our house.


trash bash


5.  My baby brother turned 18

And finally, my youngest brother became a man.  It’s hard to believe that my kid brother is 18 now.  I was 17½ when he was born, so he is now older than I was on that day back in 1996.  And if that isn’t making me feel old already, my brother Paul turns 21 in a little over a month.  Damn these kids grow up fast.


Charlie 18






The Captain

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