The Captains 10 Years Together – Part Two

On Day 2 of our St. Louis vacation Meg and I awoke in our suite at the Moonrise Hotel around 9 am.  Nothing beats a solid 10 hours of sleep!  Meg picked up some breakfast from Piccione Pastry down the street while I packed up the room.  We took our time checking out, eventually leaving around noon.  Next stop was a bit up Skinker Boulevard to Sasha’s Wine Bar for some lunch.  I ordered a prosciutto sandwich that was much bigger than I imagined.  It was a bright and sunny day that was perfect for sitting on a patio.




After lunch we headed over to Forest Park to enjoy the beautiful day.  We took a walk around the St. Louis Art Museum to enjoy all of the lovely flowers around Art Hill.  It was beautiful and uncrowded, which was a real rarity for St. Louis in the Spring.


 Art Hill Flowers 2

Art Hill Flowers


We eventually made our way home to drop off our overnight bags and to freshen up for a classy dinner.  We returned to the place where it all started 10 years ago, Trattoria Marcella.  The restaurant claims to be the best Italian food in St. Louis, which is quite a claim.  It’s a real standout despite the fact that it is surrounded by numerous great Italian restaurants on The Hill.  We lucked out with a private table in the back room to enjoy our delicious meal.


 Trattoria Marcella


As you can see in the picture, I ordered the massive baking pan full of lasagna.  It was as wonderful as it was 10 years ago today, just like my charming date.  Afterwards we relived our first kiss in the original spot it occured, in the car outside of the restaurant.  What can I say; Meg’s beauty was as irresistible then as it is now.

And with that kiss we headed back to her mother’s home just like we did 10 years ago.  Only this time I wasn’t dropping off Meg, I was picking up our two little barking boys.  After two days at grandma’s house they were exhausted!  We spent the last part of our nite on the couch with our dudes before turning in early for work the next day.


 DH Couch


It was a wonderful little trip that reminded us both of where we started and how far we have come.  It’s been one hell of an amazing decade with Meg, and I’m looking forward to several more!



The Captain

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