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Like most of America, I spent my Memorial Day weekend eating a ton of greasy food.  But this year the food was a rare treat, as I was in Kansas City for a wedding.  My buddy Lucian married a gal from here in St. Louis, Martha, on Sunday.  Here’s a picture that Captain Mike took of the lovely couple over the weekend.

L & M


Meg and I made the trip across state for the ceremony, which meant lots of time to enjoy the local cuisine.  On the way into Kansas City we stopped for some Taco Johns.


 Taco Johns


Meg had never been to Taco Johns and was quite interested in my description of it as, “like a better version of Taco Bell.”  It did not disappoint.

The wedding reception had lots of good food too, and plenty of Visinata.  If you’re not familiar, Visinata is sour cherry brandy from Romania.  It tastes sweet and packs a real punch.  Here I am with the groom and Captain Mike toasting with some Visinata shots.


 Wedding shots


I also took a whole bunch of video from the wedding, but it will be a while till I have time to edit and post it.  The whole event was a lot of fun and made for a memorable weekend.

Before leaving town on Monday morning Meg and I were determined to enjoy some BBQ for lunch.  According to my friends on social media the best BBQ in town is now Oklahoma Joes.  We made plans to stop by a restaurant by our hotel for lunch, only to discover they were closed!  What kind of self-respecting BBQ joint is closed on Memorial Day?!  Instead we went with the tried and true place for ribs in Kansas City.


 Gates Ribs


We ended up at the Gates on State Line Road, my frequent stopping point when I would visit Captain Mike back in the day.  And the ribs did not disappoint.  Thanks to KC for a great weekend!




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