The Captains Joyful Lunch

Today I had lunch with an old friend I haven’t seen in a very long time.  Look everyone, it’s @joy_lawson and the Captain!

  Cap & Joy


We spent the whole lunch talking about all of our old friends and telling stories from years ago.  It’s crazy to think I’ve known @joy_lawson for 15 years now.  We met back in 1999 on the first day of my junior year of college.  I was an RA (Resident Assistant or Dorm Monitor) on the 4th floor of Kentwood Hall and @joy_lawson lived on my floor.  Her room was party central on my floor, which worked out well because I was the party RA.  We lived on a dry campus, and yet I never wrote anyone up for alcohol.  That included the time I found a bathtub full of booze in her room.  Kentwood was where @joy_lawson met her longtime boyfriend Marques.  They were the coolest couple in the dorm, and they are still together!

Two years later in 2001, I moved into the East Madison apartments and was neighbors with @joy_lawson.  That quad apartment complex was one big non-stop party, and a lot of that had to do with @joy_lawson and her roommate @homiha next door.  They were always down for a good time and were witness to some of the craziest parties of my college years.  On several occasions someone would just plop down a keg or a cooler of jungle juice in the middle of the quad on a Friday afternoon and a party would sprout up naturally.  I remember East Madison’s Halloween Party in 2000 being particularly epic.  I went as season 1 winner of Survivor, Richard Hatch.  Which meant I grew a beard and ran around in my swim trunks with a spear.

Over lunch today I realized just how many of the same people we knew back in our SMS days and how few of them we see now.  We also had the inevitable “thank god there weren’t cell phones when we were in college” discussion I have with everyone my age.  Camera phones would’ve ruined those years for sure.  Our discussion made me wonder if I did have any pictures of @joy_lawson from back in college, so I went digging and found this gem for #WaybackWednesday

Here’s my neighbor @joy_lawson with my roommate @bryanabend back in 2000.

  Bryan & Joy


For some reason we thought it would be funny to gel up @bryanabend‘s hair to try and make him look like a frat guy.  It was hilarious at the time.  Just another drunken evening back in Suite D.  In another bit of East Madison news, I’ll be hanging out with Bryan this Friday afternoon!  Now all I need is to hang with @daverosemann and it will be a full blown reunion!






The Captain

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