The Captain Ponders Politics In Florida

Today is primary day in Florida and I am wearing an “I Voted” sticker.  Regardless of my general support of voting, I am not very happy about the vote that occurred today.  This is specifically because of two decisions made by the Florida State Legislature.  First off, the State Legislature decided to move the date of the Florida’s primary forward despite objections by both parties.  Accordingly, the Democratic Party decided not to recognize Florida’s primary by removing all of Florida’s delegates.  In other words, a decision by the Republican State Legislature resulted in me being unable to help choose the Democratic Presidential Candidate.1

While I think it was stupid for the State Legislature to move the primary forward, I think it was extremely shortsighted for the Democratic Party to withhold delegates from Florida.  Even though the Democrats in Florida had nothing to do with the date change, the national party felt the need to dole out a punishment.  This was a poor decision.  The national party needs to do everything in their power to encourage Florida Democrats to vote, especially considering Florida decided the 2000 Presidential election.  Not counting the votes of Florida Democrats is a surefire way to piss off voters in a critical state.  Great job, assholes.

The second reason I am unhappy with the Florida State Legislature is today’s vote on Amendment 1 .  While I don’t want to get into the details of this extremely confusing amendment, let me just say that it is a crock.  Florida has some real problems with the equity of property taxes, and this amendment will exacerbate the problem.  Amendment 1 will also force local governments in Florida to drastically reduce their budgets.  Local government is a passion of mine and I would hate to see it gutted by the State Legislature.

I went to the polls today just to vote against Amendment 1 because I’m that strongly against it.  I am worried that democrats will stay away from the polls, and the amendment will pass as a result.  I hope this does not happen.  I also hope the Democratic Party reverses the decision regarding Florida’s primary.  Normally I try not to complain about politics, but I felt quite strongly about these issues and need to vent.  I promise my next blog will feature less politics and much more nonsense, as usual.


The Captain

1  Well, technically I could not have voted in today’s primary anyways.  I am registered as an independent, and Florida has closed primary voting.  Still, Megan is a registered Democrat and her vote doesn’t count.  So let’s just pretend I’m complaining on her behalf.

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