The Captain In St. Louis Update

I know that moving to Florida has changed me in several ways, but I didn’t really grasp how pronounced the effect has been until now.  I’ve been in St. Louis for a little over a week now, and I am still freaking out about the damn weather.  I honestly forgot it was possible to be this cold.  I hadn’t seen snow in two years and I really didn’t miss it.

As much as the terrible weather has affected me, my trip back to St. Louis has actually been quite enjoyable thus far.  It doesn’t feel like I’ve been away that long, especially since I just saw most of my family and friends at the wedding in October.  Still, eight months is the longest I’ve been outside of Missouri since I was a kid, and I’ve definitely noticed some changes.

The first was the big red building downtown when I was crossing over from Illinois.  After twelve hours in the car, I thought I was hallucinating.  The building in question was the new opened Lumiere Casino.  I checked it out this afternoon and it is quite nice.  They have a very classy yet reasonably priced lunch buffet that is perfect for curing hangovers.

The other big change I’ve noticed is that everyone has moved to a new place.  My sister is now living in the Fox Park neighborhood near Soulard.  She actually has a pretty cute little place and a decently comfortable couch where I have been sleeping most nights.

Staying so close to downtown is actually pretty rad.  There is lots of fun stuff to do, like hang out at Jack Patrick’s with my sister’s part-time boyfriend/full-time bartender/part-time bassist for totally kick-ass band The Hibernauts.

Speaking of music, I actually got to catch a live show for the first time in quite a while.  I went out last weekend to enjoy the awesome sounds of Grace Basement.  They played a solid show despite the terrible venue where the were booked.1

Most of my time thus far has been spent catching up with family and friends.  I’ve received a ton of great feedback from everyone about the wedding.  Thanks again to everyone who made the trip down the Florida, I’m glad that everyone was able to relax and enjoy themselves.

So far I’ve hung out a lot with D this trip, the official life of the party.  Saw several friends from college and spent a lot of time reminiscing about Springfield.  Good times.  And I was lucky enough to catch a business meeting with Mr. Grellner before he returned to Baltimore.

Mostly I’ve been chilling out with my sister at her place.  I miss my sis and I’ve really enjoyed spending time with her again.  Last night we went to the grand closing of her incredible neighborhood bar, Tanner B’s.  The loss of an amazing bar with even more amazing food that was like half a block from her apartment is quite devastating.  What a good reason to drink.

With the weather outside cold, rainy and dreary, tonight seemed like a good time to stay in and relax.  Even though February is consistently the worse month in St. Louis I’ve really enjoyed being back in town thus far.  I’ll be in town for a bit longer, so anyone who hasn’t seen me yet should hit me up.


The Captain

1  Dude, I’ve been to some shitty clubs in my day but the Bluebird definitely takes the cake.  Paying $5 for a rum & coke served in a plastic solo cup in a poorly renovated VFW post is ri-god-damn-diculous.

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