The Captain Ponders The Weather He Is Under

We’re officially moved into our loft!  We’ve been done with a majority of the unpacking for a week now, so I’ll stop griping about the moving process.

As is typical, after a stressful couple of weeks I was able to relax for one whole day before I became sick.  I’ve been under the weather since last Friday and I’m still trying to shake this cold.  Normally I’d be fine by now, but I think this crazy St. Louis weather has been keeping me down.  The heavy rainfall and the severe temperature changes must have taken a toll on my weak Florida skin.

I used to say that St. Louis weather was unpredictable, but it’s actually quite predictable when compared to Florida.  Forecasters in Florida will predict rain every day for half and hour, but won’t tell you when the rain will fall.  St. Louis forecasters will predict that every day will be different, but still tell you what to expect.

For example, I went to a ballgame last Wednesday nite that was sunny and in the 70s, and went to a game two days later that was rainy and in the 40s.  Hot chocolate and baseball make for a strange combination

I was hoping to shake the cold by Tuesday, but I was unsuccessful.  This was unfortunate, since yesterday was my four-year anniversary.  No better way to celebrate the first date with my lovely wife than with a handful of Advil Cold and Sinus and a couple of shots of NyQuil.

Despite my condition, we still managed to have a great time.  Our first date was at Trattoria Marcella, and has since been a yearly tradition for dinner on April 22.  Afterwards, we grabbed some Ted Drewes and enjoyed the lovely weather at a nearby park.

Our anniversary always puts things into perspective for me.  On our first date four years ago, I was still in the process of enrolling in grad school.  Two years ago on our anniversary we were recently engaged and busy planning my graduation.  Last year we went to the beach after dinner and drank champagne.  Now here we are, married, back in Missouri and living downtown.

I’ve gone through a great deal of change in the past four years, but the one constant in my life has been Megan.  Much like St. Louis weather, our relationship has been constantly changing but I still know what to expect everyday.


The Captain

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