The Captain Does Carlsberg: Elephant Style

Friday nite marked the first in a series of Carlsberg brand beer tastings.  First up was Carlsberg Elephant Beer.  It’s classified as a “strong pilsner”, which is something of an understatement.  With an alcohol content of 7.2%, it is quite a bit stronger than original Carlsberg and most other beers in general.  Apparently the beer has been on the market for 49 years, yet I hadn’t heard of it until last week.  After knocking back five Elephants,

my drunken mind produced a brilliant comparison using one of my favorite bands, The White Stripes.  Carlsberg is like White Blood Cells:  it’s the first album by the Stripes that I fell in love with and by far their best.  They both have a simple formula combined with classic style combines everything I like about music and beer

Carlsberg Elephant is like Elephant by The White Stripes:  It has a heavier feel than the original, but still maintains much of the flavor that I love.  At first it seems considerable heavier, but eventually it appears remarkably similar to the original.1

While I did enjoy both Elephants quite a bit, I still prefer the originals.  White Blood Cells will remain one of my favorite albums, and the original Carlsberg is still my favorite beer.

On a random side note, my taste test was performed at Club 1709, my former residence in St. Charles.  The party was mostly the No-Co crew, but featured a Loch-Ness caliber appearance by Mark, the phantom roommate.  Since I vacated my room at 1709 two years ago, it has been taken over by two notoriously absent roommates.  The first occupant, Anne, was known for spending most of her time out with her boyfriend.

Anne was replaced by Mark, whose whereabouts are always unknown.  I met him once briefly before he moved into 1709, but had never actually seen him in the house.  I was starting to believe he was a red herring.

On Friday nite Mark went from Boo Radley to Oprah in my book.  He showed up at midnite-thirty carrying two full racks of BBQ ribs and a vat of fresh potato salad.  After a drunken gorge, he proceeded to break out his homemade, full size Craps table and started throwing dice.  Free ribs and a fully-functional Craps table are perhaps the two coolest party activities ever.  Mark is no longer a red herring; he’s an urban legend.  This Elephant’s for you.


The Captain

1   Never is this more apparent than on “There’s No Home For You Here”, which is uses the same riff from “Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground”

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